About King Bars

King Bars was started in 1988 and in that time has only had 3 owners. A lot has changed in the transport industry over the last 30+ years but the requirement for a good strong bullbar has remained the same. The distances and terrain covered in Australia are very different to the rest of the world, so trucks are more susceptible to animal strikes.

It took 30 years to get to 10,000th bullbar made and in the last 4 years we are now at 15,000. This is due in part to introducing our Euro range of bullbars based on feedback & requests from clients. Our Euro range utilises 16mm aluminium plate and a keylock system of putting the bullbars together. This enables us to provide a strong bullbar whilst also minimising the additional length normally associated with a bullbar. We currently have 3000 of this Euro design on the road which shows that the design is solid, and the positive feedback has been plentiful.

Our current clients, as company owners, know how devastating any sort of accident can be for all involved, so the opportunity to lessen this stress is important. A good bullbar or bumper can be the difference between driving home or getting towed and we all know how much a tow company can charge for a recovery. When you think about it the bullbar is the probably the cheapest form of insurance you’ll get.

King Bars are now in their 7th year of supporting the NSW, Qld & Vic Livestock Associations and have attended every conference so far. King Bars provide a valuable service to the transport industry as a whole by supplying bullbars that help to protect the driver, the truck, and the freight.

The future looks bright for the transport industry as a whole and particularly for King Bars as a supplier who looks to improve on the product and service we provide.

The more protection provided = the more km’s travelled = the more profitable the bottom line.

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